Abraham Hansstraat 10, 9667 Sint-Maria Horebeke

About us

The Origin

Lambda Sigma is founded by Jan Schepens.

Having worked on numerous big projects over the last 11 years, Jan knew that his experience could be of added value for other customers as well.

That is why Lambda Sigma was created, to further explore the possibilities of all .NET related technologies and apply those possibilities on business relevant cases, to make sure you as a customer get the full benefits of working with software that is built to last longer.

The Name

Why Lambda Sigma, you would ask?

Well, Lambda stands for the Greek letter L, and is a commonly known term in development. Lambda expressions are function definitions that are not bound to an identifier.

Sigma stands for the Greek letter S, and is a well-known mathematical symbol, defining the summation of a sequence.

And as it just so happens, Jan is also a family man, and both his children carry the initials LS. That way they get a nod too.

The Founder

Since May 30th, Jan is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in C#, and SQL Server 2012 – 2014 – 2016.
Jan believes that a good certification path shows knowledge and quality, and in that philosophy Jan has started working on a certification path towards MCSA/MCSD for several topics including Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Database Development.